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~ welcome to the internet ~

we’ve been deemed

privileged and prejudiced 

by bitter bloggers

with Swiss cheese evidence,

who spit their hate

with the eloquent irrelevance

of street side preachers

thumping new testaments.


welcome to the internet,

where people are inanimate,

illiterate of the infinite

and bound by screens and keys,

hashtag hate is a disease.

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Available as a poster starting at $19, here:—Equanimous_Print#1=45

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~ what can we know ~

HD video does not prove something took place today, and we’re heading toward a state of technology in which nothing, even direct experience through our eyes and ears, can be trusted as reality. Soon, among rapidly developing make up, robotics, invisibility cloaking and who knows what else, literally everything we think that we experience could be a deception. What happens when first hand accounts, eye witnesses and human testimony, are as meaningless as a video recording is today? 
What if this state of illusion is not science fiction, what if it isn’t our frighteningly imminent future, what if this is how things are now, and how they’ve always been?
The notion is far from new, but the implications are revolutionary. I don’t have any answers, except maybe meditate and trust your intuition.

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~ i know how much you care ~

We say “girls don’t like nice guys” and “men love bitches”, but I think what it really comes down to is that no one wants to hurt others, and so somehow being the vulnerable one is safer, more comfortable. We idolize rebellious characters of fiction that don’t care about anyone but themselves, because we don’t have that freedom. We can’t help but care; it’s why we are such amazing creatures.

We care so much that we drink and smoke and say we don’t care about anything, but then why do we spend our money at the bar, to not care with others who claim not to care? Some of us care so much that we say we hate humans, that we prefer the other animals. We say the other animals are innocent, but humans are not. That’s what some of us tell ourselves, but deep down we know it’s not true. It’s just that this whole human experience is so rich with complexity we couldn’t possibly save all the butterflies and polar bears. 

Some of us are fortunate enough to save animals and help children in need, but some do not have this privilege, some are single parents with kids, just trying not to let them down. Some people might seem to have all the wealth in the world, but if they were truly fortunate, they would be smiling, they would be happy, they would be helping. It’s easy to point our fingers at people and say ‘you could be doing more!’, but all that matters is that we can look inside, forgive and love ourselves.

Whether or not you realize it, I know how much you care, and I that is why I love you.



the placebo effect is scientific proof that faith is not irrational. 
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the placebo effect is scientific proof that faith is not irrational. 

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~ yoga and flexibility ~

yoga is not a physical exercise.

the postures we are familiar with are only one element of this comprehensive art of living. we often think, ‘wow, look at how flexible that yogi is!’, but when we practice yoga, our goal is not to touch our toes.
maybe today we cannot reach our toes, perhaps we can barley bend over! wherever we are in our attempt to settle into a pose, we are seeking to calm the restless nature of our mind, to stop judging ourselves and comparing our pose to those around us.
our goal is to find stillness, and accept where we are in this moment, rather than push ourselves into chiseled abs and an impressive pose. our primary goal is not flexibility of the body, it is flexibility of the mind.
this is yoga.

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#bookmark #spirituality #consciousness #meditation #trippy